Since 2006, Phonexia has been helping clients
to automatically extract maximum
valuable information from spoken speech

Offered technologies

Speaker Identification / Verification

Search for or verify speaker in an archive of records. It also allows you to verify the called by his/her voice against thousands of voice-prints.

Language Identification

Distinguish the language or dialect spoken. It may enable you to automatically route valuable call to someone who speaks the language.

Gender Identification

One of the fastest speech technologies will enable your system to narrow the searching space (e.g. the amount of call) by half.

Acustic Keyword Spotting

This technology will find the keyword occurrences in audio records. You need just to type the words you would like to find.

Speech Transcription

Technology converts audio to text. The text can be easily read, edited, searched, processed or archived.

Solutions and services provided

Speech technologies development

Custom development and research of new speech technologies, adaptation to target task, system design.

Speech Intelligence Resolver

Power of speech technologies combined into a single application for fast analysis of you calls and multimedia.

Speech Analytics Server

Unique speech technologies will allow you to gain valuable information from the content of your calls.

Services For Massive Computing Systems

We gained huge experience with HPC systems as we use these systems to develop our own products.

News & Events

calendar 2014-06-03
Phonexia will present new products at ISS Prague conference

calendar 2014-03-24
Phonexia will exhibit at the Intelligence Support Systems (ISS) Prague conference

calendar 2014-01-20
Phonexia will exhibit at the Intelligence Support Systems (ISS) Dubai conference