Phonexia helps clients to automatically extract
the most valuable information from spoken speech

Speech technologies

Speaker Identification / Verification

Voice biometry for speaker search, verification, or authentication by voice.

Language Identification

Distinguish the language or dialect spoken. It enables you to route audio by language.

Speech Transcription

This technology converts audio to text. The text can be easily read, edited, searched, or analyzed.

Acoustic Keyword Spotting

This technology will find the occurrences of keywords or phrase in audio recordings.

Gender Identification

Determine precisely the gender of people in audio to narrow the search space.

Solutions and services

Speech Intelligence Resolver

Speech technologies combined into a single application for fast analysis.

Speech Analytics Server

Gain valuable information from the content of your calls. Designed for call centers.

Voice Inspector

Speaker identification tool for police forces and forensic experts.

Speech technologies development

Custom R&D - new speech technologies, adaptation to target task, system design.

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