Katerina Rozsnyo Pelanova

Katerina is a digital marketer passionate about all things related to social media campaigns and lead generation strategies. Graduating in psychology and journalism from Masaryk University, she enjoys popularizing and spreading the word about the Speech Technologies and making its benefits understandable to the broader audiences.

Blog Posts

  • Trends in Speech Technologies for 2019

    Trends in Speech Technologies for 2019

    Blog, February 12, 2019

    In 2018, we saw speech technologies rapidly evolving and becoming an even more natural part of our everyday life. But what’s going to happen in 2019? What trends will appear within the speech technology industry? We asked three influential Phonexia opinion leaders and got seven predictions for 2019.

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  • Speech Technologies Proved Themselves, Even in Extremely Noisy Conditions

    Speech Technologies

    in Noisy Conditions

    News, April 25, 2018

    The prestigious Journal of the Acoustical Society of America has just published a scientific article evaluating the performance of Phonexia speech technologies in the most difficult conditions. The evaluations were undertaken in extremely noisy environments where the speech itself was barely audible.

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  • Phonexia Introduces Deep Embeddings

    Phonexia Introduces Deep Embeddings

    News, March 27, 2018

    Phonexia has just launched Deep EmbeddingsTM – the latest generation of its voice biometrics engine for speaker identification and verification. The new technology exclusively uses deep neural networks (DNN) to map voices directly to their unique small and fixed length records called voice-prints.

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