Matej Sedlacek

Matej is Business Development Manager and part of Phonexia's sales team. The list of his responsibilities includes mainly searching for new areas of speech technologies' usage, as well as maintaining relationships with key partners. With a background in business, economics and international studies, he started in the position of technical sales in 2014, where he gathered experience from commercial and government deployments. Sharing his knowledge and discussing speech technologies usage are his passions.

Blog Posts

  • Using Voice Biometrics in the World of the GDPR

    Using Voice Biometrics in the World of the GDPR

    Blog, November 27, 2018

    The GDPR is a set of rules that regulates the processing of personal data related to individuals in the European Union. But how does the GDPR influence call centers, banks, insurance companies and other institutions that use voice biometrics?

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