Viktorie Petrikova

Viktorie is part of the data team as a Project Manager, and she mainly takes care of data acquisitions. She finds joy in looking for innovative ways for collecting data with a vision of creating unique datasets that will help to strengthen the competitive advantage of Phonexia. Viktorie holds a masters degree in business management and economics.

Recent posts

  • How to Teach Speech Technologies to Understand Klingon – Data Collection

    How to Teach Speech Tech

    to Understand Klingon

    Blog, April 23, 2019

    Did you know that speech technologies can understand any language on the planet (and possibly even in outer space)? You just have to teach them. This is why we have chosen Klingon – the artificial language made up by the filmmakers of Star Trek – to show you how nowadays sci-fi-looking artificial intelligence technologies can learn almost anything.

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