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We develop innovative voice biometrics and speech recognition software powered by artificial intelligence. Our close ties with universities ensure that the latest scientific breakthroughs are seamlessly integrated into our pioneering products. Our team, in collaboration with top industry experts, plays an active role in shaping the trajectory of both our products and our company. We value fresh perspectives and encourage every member to challenge the status quo. We aren’t overly concerned with rigid corporate structures and formalities. Instead, we achieve our goals together.

We've taken a bold step to enhance our work-life balance by adopting a four-day workweek. We dedicate ourselves to four days of focused and productive work, supporting each other to ensure everyone can spend a generous amount of time with their family.

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Phonexia is a definite choice for me! We don't mind spending non-working time together as we are a great team. A random trip idea can emerge during the day and instantly materialize as we end up grilling in Brno's Lužánky Park in the evening or conquering via ferratas in Austria over the weekend. And this is what I love here.

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