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C++ Developer for Voicebots

Vojta and Johnny are looking for a teammate who has experience with C++, and who is no stranger to things like Git, Qt, Python, Bash, Docker, Kubernetes, cryptography, or security. 

We are a team of two geeks, meaning “enthusiasts of new technologies and games”. One prefers running, the other prefers biking, but we both love good food and nice code.

In our business, we deal with speech technologies, which in itself is really interesting. What makes it even more fun, though, is that our team can work on various projects, and we can have regular insight into what the other teams are currently working on.

Our core activity is the coding itself but sometimes we develop special interfaces, we do testing, we create GUIs, and we improve our internal systems as well.

Yes, all this is taken care of by our micro team, which is just one of the several teams, and we never run out of projects. If you are interested in coding with us, getting involved in new projects and helping other dev teams, let us know.

And where does all this take place? The answer is Phonexia... We started as a spin-off from the Brno University of Technology with whom we still cooperate on a research basis. Speech wave is our synonym. 50 enthusiastic people who are happy to face challenges together every day.

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