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Senior Developer

Do you think you have what it takes to build a robust solution than can handle zillions of requests per second? Can you make it reliable enough that it can run for months without a hitch? Are you passionate about the practical usage of speech technologies, machine learning, and other hi-tech advancements? Bring that passion to Phonexia!

This position offers you to build something new. Currently, we are building two solid pillars for our future. One pillar we already have, and we are looking for somebody who can help us with the other one.

Who do we need?

We are looking for a savvy developer who has experience with designing systems, databases, and orientation in virtualization/containerization. This position is fresh new as we are developing brand new stream processing solutions that should, in the future, become cloud-based. If you also aspire to lead a team, we might make your dream come true in the future.

Now we want to hear from you what you would need to become a part of Phonexia.

We are listening…

We started as a spin-off from the Brno University of Technology with whom we still cooperate on a research basis. Speech wave is our synonym. Fifty enthusiastic people who are happy to face challenges together every day.

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