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Phonexia Speech Platform
for Commerce

Phonexia Speech Platform provides partners a complete portfolio of speech technologies with an easy-to-use design. The platform allows users to design and deploy a wide range of speech processing systems in a short time and without extensive knowledge of speech analytics.

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Voice Biometrics

Boost your security and enhance customer experience with Voice Biometrics, Phonexia’s effective solution for commercial and financial sectors, especially for banks, insurance companies, and call centers.

  • Main benefits

    • Enhance security measures

    • Avoid becoming a fraud victim

    • Protect your finances

  • Used technologies

    • Speaker Identification

    • Voice Activity Detection

    • Speech Quality Estimator

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that suites your business the best

Fraud Detection

Background verification of incoming calls, reporting and preventing fraudsters from getting to your system hidden behind multiple identities.

  • Main benefits

    • Prevent money loss

    • Create blacklists

    • Simplify and boost your security

    • Enact proactive anti-fraud measure

Speaker Verification

Automatic background verification of incoming calls, validation of the account owner’s identity.

  • Main Benefits

    • Improve customer experience

    • Accelerate customer check-in

    • Enhance your security

Targeting contact center businesses

Phonexia Speech Analytics delivers comprehensive solutions for performance and revenue enhancements.

  • Main benefits

    • Enhance customer experience

    • Improve agent skills

    • Optimise your marketing campaigns

    • Increase your ROI

  • Used technologies

    • Language Identification

    • Gender Identification

    • Keyword Spotting

    • Speech Transcription

    • Age Estimation

Pick the use case
that suites your business the best

Dialog Analysis

Analyze important parameters of dialog such as identifying and tracking multiple speakers at the same time, reaction times, silent spots, speaker swaps, monologs vs. dialogs, speech length and speed.

  • Main benefits

    • Increase customer satisfaction

    • Enhance agent skills

    • Optimize call length

    • Increase the ROI of your campaigns

Script Alignment

Analyze both the agent and customer channels. Check the quality of your agents’ script alignment and gather important information from any call’s content. Better understand a client’s preferences.

  • Main benefits

    • Increase agent performance

    • Eliminate invalid calls

    • Classify calls automatically

    • Detect key information

Demographic Information

Receive complex demographic information about clients, identifying their language/dialect, gender and age.

  • Main benefits

    • Optimize campaign targeting

    • Analyze demographic data

    • Optimize your call center traffic

Speech Transcription

Transcribe entire calls for archival purposes, analysis, and post-processing.

  • Main benefits

    • Full-text search ready

    • Read and scan instead of listening

    • Discover new analytics possibilities

    • Faster reporting

    • Trend prediction

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