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Phonexia Voice Verification for Financial Services

Voice Verification for Financial Services

Comply with the strictest security standards, prevent social engineering fraud, increase account security, and improve customer experience with passive voice biometric verification.

The Passwordless Voice Biometric Verification Your Clients Want

Continually rising security standards and increased cybercrime sophistication put enormous pressure on banks, insurance companies, and other financial services providers to maintain high account security while keeping clients’ access over the phone as convenient as possible. By enhancing multi-factor authentication with passive voice biometric verification, clients can be verified seamlessly as they speak in just a few seconds and without the need to remember other security questions.

Passive Voice Biometric Verification

Passwords can be discovered, reference numbers obtained, smartphones stolen. The only thing that always enables clients to verify their identity over the phone is the uniqueness of their voice. Passive voice biometric verification allows clients to speak freely about their request—without forcing them to say a specific phrase—while their voice is analyzed seamlessly in the background to prove their identity as they are speaking.

Financial Data Security Compliance

Multi-factor authentication enhanced with a voice biometric factor makes it easier for financial services providers to comply with the strictest requirements of various data privacy regulations such as the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), or Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

Fast Authentication Phase

In a world where time is money, no one likes to waste time on knowledge-based verification unless absolutely necessary. Voice verification is a much faster way to authenticate a client over the phone. With the Phonexia Voice Verify solution, your financial institution can verify clients in just 3 seconds with over 92% accuracy (based on the NIST SRE16 test set). The authentication’s accuracy increases further as the conversation continues.

Better Customer Experience

Voice verification is a perfect way to improve not only account security but also the customer experience of every client reaching out to a contact center. They can simply start speaking to a contact center operator about their request right away, without the necessity of answering multiple security questions first, and the verification is done seamlessly in a few seconds in the background based on their voice.

Language Independence

Regardless of the language, accent, or words spoken, the unique properties of the human voice remain the same. Therefore, whether your contact centers provide services to local customers or need to take care of global customers who speak different languages, voice biometric verification is always able to verify clients reliably, quickly, and seamlessly over the phone.

Fraud Detection

Social engineering is becoming increasingly sophisticated and cybercrime entities are employing advanced methods to overcome the security measures of financial systems. Voice biometric verification enables financial services providers with natural, automatic, and real-time detection of any fraudulent attempts to access clients’ accounts.

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