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Use the power of voice biometrics and/or speech analytics to search for targets or analyze threats in a large number of recordings.

  • Main benefits

    • Respond quickly to various threats

    • Separate the irrelevant from the priority content calls

    • Multiply the traffic that can be analyzed

    • Spend the budget with the highest efficiency possible

Do you face security threats on a daily basis? Use the power of voice search to filter audio and identify or prevent organized crime, terrorism, drug trafficking, corruption, extortion, kidnapping.

  • Main benefits

    • Quick reaction to threats

    • Verify real persons

    • Relevant audio filtration

    • Dramatic increase in monitored calls

    • Completely secure and closed platform with no external access

  • Used technologies

    • Speaker Identification

    • Language Identification

    • Gender Identification

    • Voice Activity Detection

    • Speech Quality Estimator

Do you need to understand the nature and content of massive amounts of audio without having to listen to it? Find topics of your interest. Save time, and work with an automated, continuous analysis. The result is a faster, more thorough analysis that contributes to great, immediate threat detection and response.

  • Main benefits

    • Understanding audio without listening

    • Automatic transcription

  • Used technologies

    • Keyword Spotting

    • Speech Transcription

    • Language Identification

    • Gender Identificaton