Phonexia at Hackathon of Tiché spojení

Phonexia at Hackathon of Tiché spojení

December 5, 2017

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Winners of Hackathon Tiche Spojeni We are honored we could attend an event Hackathon – Communication for a better life, communication without barriers that took place on December 2 and 3,  2017, organized by NPO called Tiché spojení (Silent Connection). The idea that Phonexia Speech technologies could ease the communication of hearing-impaired people was a challenge to us –so signed in!

The event included also various inspirational presentations, one from Michal Hrabí, Phonexia CEO. And who was the winner? The winning project was (pocket translator), a prototype of a sign language translating mobile application from a great team that was mentored by Phonexia experts.

Great event for a good cause!

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