Phonexia recognized as a challenger in Voice Biometrics

Phonexia recognized as a challenger in Voice Biometrics

October 9, 2017

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Recently, Phonexia has received recognition in the market of voice biometrics.

A report by the Opus Research analytics and research firm, called Voice Biometrics Intelliview and published in July this year, examines the current situation of the voice biometrics market, as well as the evolution of the market in the recent years. In total, the report lists 19 companies that at least partially focus on voice biometrics in contact centers from all around the world, one of them being Phonexia.

In its analysis, Opus groups the evaluated companies according to their market position and the breath of the services they are offering in the market segment of call center authentication. While two large major companies are currently in the lead, Phonexia was recognized as one of the challengers.

The report also takes notice of several aspects that differentiate Phonexia from the rest of the market. These include the capabilities to analyze large amounts of data, our very simple on-premise deployment, as well as the large variety of speech technologies we are offering, which include identification of speakers, gender, language, and dialect, age and speech quality estimation, speech to text, keyword spotting, and speaker segmentation. Thanks to this wide breath of technologies, we enable true speech data mining.

The report is available for purchasing here.

About Opus Research

Opus Research is a diversified advisory and analysis firm providing critical insight on software and services that support multimodal customer care. Opus Research is focused on “Conversational Commerce,” the merging of intelligent assistant technologies, voice biometrics, contact center automation, intelligent authentication, enterprise collaboration and digital commerce.


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