Phonexia Recognized as an Innovator in Voice Biometrics

Phonexia Recognized as an Innovator in Voice Biometrics

August 21, 2019

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Phonexia has been recognized as an innovator in the latest 2019 Intelligent Authentication and Voice Biometrics Intelliview report released in June by Opus Research—a technology analysis and marketing firm that specializes in conversational technologies.

The report provides enterprise executives with a competitive context to the voice biometrics market covering 13 firms that offer voice biometric authentication solutions.

The companies are evaluated based on their market position and the breath of the services they are offering in the voice biometrics authentication industry and segmented into the groups of innovators, challengers, and leaders.

The report gives further insights into various topics such as the value of voice, methodologies, the new solution stack for intelligent authentication (IAuth), the path forward in the voice biometry, and the positioning of the innovators, challengers, and leaders.

As the voice biometrics industry grows rapidly—reflecting the increasing need for the intelligent authentication methods—it is crucial to understand the current evolvements and capabilities of such solutions so that they can be leveraged to their maximum potential.

The latest generation of Phonexia Voice Biometrics is the world’s first voice biometrics engine powered exclusively by deep neural networks, allowing extremely high accuracy and speed. The technology is language-, text-, and channel-independent, as it is based entirely on the uniqueness of human voice.

It allows not only the verification of speakers in contact centers and the speaker identification in large amounts of audio recordings but also the identification of a speaker’s age and gender.

Our other speech technologies, such as language and dialect identification, speech transcription, keyword spotting, speaker diarization, voice activity detection, and speech quality estimation, can be used to solve additional scenarios, including the voice enabled chatbots.

You can purchase the report here.

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