Phonexia Wins the Company of the Year Category at AI Awards

Phonexia Wins the Company of the Year Category at AI Awards

May 7, 2019

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We are happy to announce that Phonexia was selected as the Company of the Year by AI Awards—The Czech event evaluating companies and individuals based on their contribution to AI research and utilization.

An expert jury, consisting of academics and entrepreneurs, named Phonexia the Company of the Year thanks to its advanced use of neural networks for speech analysis and for becoming the first company in the world to base its voice biometrics engine—Deep Embeddings—entirely on deep neural networks.

Deep Embeddings is the world’s first commercially available voice biometrics engine with machine learning capability.

As Michal Hrabí, CEO of Phonexia, explains: “Our technologies analyze the voice of a recording or a telephone conversation, allowing us to identify the speaker, their gender or the approximate age. In addition, they can recognize the language of the speaker, translate the speech into a written form, or search for specific words and phrases. It is used both in the commercial sector and in identifying criminals and possible terrorist threats. In the commercial sector, our technologies can be used, for example, in voice assistants or voicebots, voice authorizations in banks or insurance companies, or call centers to analyze and improve call quality.”

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