Phonexia Keyword Spotting

Keyword Spotting

Phonexia Keyword Spotting (KWS) technology automatically identifies the occurrences of specific keywords and keyphrases in audio recordings.

Keyword Spotting

We have been selling Phonexia products in the Asian market for over 3 years now, and we can clearly say that Phonexia products are by far the best ones in the global market. We have encountered some local and global competitors, but we can easily push them off the table by showing how strong and affordable Phonexia products are. Phonexia’s strength comes from a mixture of dedicated genius engineers and down-to-earth, smart business experts who can draw big pictures.

Technology Details

• Uses the robust acoustic-based approach applicable even in noisy environments
• Keywords are automatically converted into phonemes and searched for
• Applies state-of-the-art channel compensation techniques compatible with the broadest range of audio sources possible: GSM/CDMA, 3G, VoIP, landlines, satellite phones, etc.
• Users can add an unlimited number of keywords and pronunciation variants for each keyword

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