Phonexia Speech Platform for Government

Phonexia Speech Platform for Government

Uncover hidden information in speech and identify persons of interest by voice with Phonexia’s lightning-fast, highly accurate platform for voice biometrics and speech analytics.

Powerful Speech Processing Software

Powered by cutting-edge deep neural networks, Phonexia Speech Platform for Government packs a wide range of extremely accurate voice biometrics and speech recognition technologies. Offered as highly scalable, on-premise software, it meets the strictest data security requirements and integrates into custom solutions seamlessly.

What Will You Get?

Phonexia Speech Platform for Government is provided as a REST API software that enables instant access to Phonexia’s innovative, highly accurate Speech Engine and its technologies (modules). The platform comes with examples for easy integration and an expert-level application with a graphical user interface (Phonexia Browser) for advanced evaluation. The final software package is typically delivered either in Voice Biometrics or Transcription System configuration.

Voice Biometrics Configuration

Phonexia’s state-of-the-art voice biometrics technology leverages deep neural networks to process the hundreds of unique characteristics of a human voice to provide highly accurate speaker identification functionality. It can be used for voice verification, speaker spotting, speaker search, fraud detection, as well as the estimation of a person’s age and gender.

Transcription System Configuration

Phonexia’s wide range of speech recognition technologies enables the creation of a multilingual, highly accurate transcription system for advanced speech analysis of audio and solving use cases of varying complexity. By using automatic speech transcription, keyword spotting, language identification, and other supporting speech technologies, actionable insights can be uncovered fast.

Designed for Security and Defense

National Security

Protect citizens, institutions, and the economy from threats. Use the power of cutting-edge speech technologies and voice biometrics to counteract terrorism, reduce national crime, and secure important infrastructures.

Police and Law Enforcement

Investigate faster and more efficiently with extensive insights uncovered from speech and voice. Stay ahead of organized crime, discover illegal activities, and respond to time-sensitive situations such as kidnappings.

Civil and Military Intelligence

Support all levels of intelligence with accurate, multifaceted analysis of voice and speech data. Respond to threats detected during strategical, operational, and tactical operations with as much context as possible.

Detention Centers

Maintain exceptional security in detention centers with the help of speech and voice biometrics technologies. Lower the criminal and black market activities carried out by inmates and discover potential violations of rules and regulations.

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Phonexia has a close relationship with the Brno University of Technology, which helps it maintain a strong commitment to innovative technology and forward-looking strategies. Phonexia's focus on innovation will make it a prominent global player. With over 15 years on the market, Phonexia is committed to being a leader in the global voice biometrics industry.

We have been selling Phonexia products in the Asian market for over 3 years now, and we can clearly say that Phonexia products are by far the best ones in the global market. We have encountered some local and global competitors, but we can easily push them off the table by showing how strong and affordable Phonexia products are. Phonexia’s strength comes from a mixture of dedicated genius engineers and down-to-earth, smart business experts who can draw big pictures.

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