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Due to massive digitalization in recent years, calls to inbound contact centers are surging more than ever. And that is only one of the biggest challenges that inbound call centers are currently struggling with. On 36 pages, we will guide you through the latest technologies that will help you overcome those problems and improve your call center’s efficiency.

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What Will You Learn?

How to Reduce Average Handling Times

Over the last year, call center average handling times have skyrocketed. In some cases, from 18 seconds to 20 minutes! Learn about modern solutions that will help you reduce costs and save your agents' and customers' time in your call center significantly.

How to Increase Customer Satisfaction

These days, customers expect convenience, simplicity, and satisfaction more than ever. Take a closer look at solutions you can use to offer your customers a well-handled, personal, and ideal experience every time they reach out to your contact center.

How to Reduce Fraudulent Activities

57% of companies have reported an increase in fraudulent attacks in their call centers since the start of 2020. Whatever the root cause, you will need the right combination of tools and best practices to stay fully secure and prevent fraudulent behavior.

How to Enable Agents Working Remotely

Even though working from home has many advantages for modern companies, it is still a new phenomenon that brings many challenges. Thankfully, next-gen developers have risen to the challenge, introducing innovative solutions for remote workers.

Who Is This eBook For?

We’ve created this eBook primarily for management teams in inbound contact centers, especially those who deal with sensitive data and high call volumes—for instance, the internal call centers of financial organizations or outsourced centers providing services for other enterprises.

About Phonexia

Phonexia is an innovative software company, founded in 2006, with the vision to provide the world with cutting-edge speech and voice biometrics technologies. Through its close cooperation with the Brno University of Technology, Phonexia is transforming the latest science into the everyday reality of highly accurate speech and voice recognition commercial solutions, such as voice verification and call transcription for call centers, as well as governmental solutions used in more than 60 countries.

About Voice Verify

Phonexia Voice Verify is a market-leading voice verification solution for conversational AI and contact centers in banks and insurance, telco, and utilities companies. Powered by state-of-the-art deep neural networks, it can verify clients with over 96% accuracy out of the box after only 3 seconds of free speech (tested on a real bank’s contact center data). The solution is quick to evaluate via a free online demo, and a Proof of Concept (PoC) can be finished in a matter of weeks.

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