Audio Language Categorization

Automatically detect the language and dialect spoken in your audio files after only 5 seconds of net speech and categorize your international podcasts and broadcasts seamlessly.

Categorize Your Multi-Language Audio Content with Ease

Whether you are a media company broadcasting globally or a podcast provider streaming online content to a worldwide audience, handling the ever-increasing amount of multi-language content can become incredibly challenging. To search your archives rapidly and achieve a fantastic audience experience, the categorization of content by language, as well as the language verification of the user-uploaded content, is crucial. All such challenges can be solved elegantly with Phonexia’s automatic language identification.

Instant Language Detection

With Phonexia Language Identification technology in place, your organization can categorize audio files at incredible speed by recognizing a spoken language or dialect after only 5 seconds of net speech. Phonexia’s cutting-edge technology is powered by innovative deep neural networks and can currently recognize 78 of the world’s most common languages.


The international audience expects content to be broadcasted in their native language. Whether you want to broadcast a live event or the recording of a show from your archive, Phonexia’s automatic language detection technology helps you ensure that whatever you send to your viewers and listeners through air or cable is always the content in the anticipated language.

Podcasts & Streaming

Stay on top of the podcasts added regularly to your platform by your worldwide online users. Automatically detect the language spoken in every podcast episode stored in your audio library and avoid any language discrepancies during podcast streaming which might have otherwise occurred if a user had manually selected a language that is different from the real language of a podcast.

Streamlined Uploads

Simplify the process of uploading new content to your library and make it as intuitive and straightforward as possible for your employees, customers, and users. Upgrade your legacy content upload systems or build a highly sophisticated one from scratch with Phonexia Language Identification technology and categorize every audio file seamlessly in a fully automated mode.

We have been selling Phonexia products in the Asian market for over 3 years now, and we can clearly say that Phonexia products are by far the best ones in the global market. We have encountered some local and global competitors, but we can easily push them off the table by showing how strong and affordable Phonexia products are. Phonexia’s strength comes from a mixture of dedicated genius engineers and down-to-earth, smart business experts who can draw big pictures.

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