Phone Call Fraud Detection

Verify a person’s identity with passive voice biometrics when they reach out to your organization over the phone and detect fraudsters attempting to access customer accounts and internal data.

Voice Is a Unique and Natural Part of Every Conversation

With cybercrime on the rise and social engineering’s increasingly sophisticated methods for stealing individuals’ digital identity, the necessity for highly secure, extremely fast, and convenient verification of a person’s identity is indisputable. In the case of attempted phone fraud, the unique identifier of a caller’s identity that is always present during every conversation is the human voice. Because of that, passive voice biometric verification is the perfect solution for the detection of imposters in real-time.

Passive Voice Biometric Verification

With Speaker Identification technology, your contact centers can verify customers seamlessly over the phone based on their free speech. Passive voice biometric verification runs automatically in the call’s background and verifies a person’s voice as fast as in 3 seconds of free speech with over 96% accuracy out of the box (tested on a real bank's contact center data).

Identity Change Detection

Fraudulent behavior does not happen only at the beginning of a phone call. Sometimes a customer could be forced to verify themselves at the beginning of a call while a fraudster continues the conversation later on. For this reason, Phonexia’s passive voice biometric verification can verify a caller’s voice continuously in the background of a call and detect such situations instantly.

Voice as a Password

Two-factor authentication is no longer sufficient to keep fraudsters away from customer accounts, as passwords can be discovered and smartphones stolen. However, if a person’s voice is verified with passive voice biometrics through free speech, a complex biometric factor is added to the authentication, significantly reducing the success of attempted phone fraud.

Seamless Authentication

Excellent customer experience is driven by intuitive behavior. The beauty of Speaker Identification is in its natural balance between simplicity and security. Not only don't your customers need to remember additional passwords, but they also don’t have to worry about other authentication devices—their voice is all they need for secure authentication.

What People Are Saying

Phonexia's voice biometrics allows contact centre agents, smart IVRs, and conversational AI platforms to verify customers' identities rapidly, securely, and precisely. Its forensic-level precision enables organisations to improve customer journeys, combat fraud, and reduce average handling times and cost to serve.

We have been selling Phonexia products in the Asian market for over 3 years now, and we can clearly say that Phonexia products are by far the best ones in the global market. We have encountered some local and global competitors, but we can easily push them off the table by showing how strong and affordable Phonexia products are. Phonexia’s strength comes from a mixture of dedicated genius engineers and down-to-earth, smart business experts who can draw big pictures.

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