Phonexia Becomes the First Czech Company Certified as an Intel® IoT MRS Partner

Phonexia Becomes the First Czech Company Certified as an Intel® IoT MRS Partner

May 27, 2021

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Phonexia has been pushing the limits of voice and speech recognition since 2006. Even though much has changed in the world in the past 15 years, Phonexia’s key objective has remained the same: to solve the world’s everyday challenges through cutting-edge voice biometrics and speech analytics solutions.

With the rise of smart cities, conversational AI, and autonomous devices linked together by the Internet of Things (IoT), the need for precise, real-time responses has increased dramatically. This is especially true for voice user interfaces.

As Phonexia CEO Michal Hrabí says: “I want to have a truly seamless voice interaction experience with technology. If I am in a meeting room with multiple people around and I ask the company’s virtual digital assistant to project my latest strategy notes on the meeting room’s wall, I want it to recognize my voice instantly through voice biometrics and respond to me immediately by displaying my personal notes to the other participants at the meeting.”

Nevertheless, state-of-the-art software is only as powerful as the hardware it is run on, and, therefore, Phonexia has partnered with the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer to provide even greater voice recognition performance.

The First Company in the Czech Republic Certified as an Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions Partner

Phonexia’s vision of the voice-first future goes hand in hand with edge computing and IoT. Therefore, the application to become a certified partner of the Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions Program was an obvious choice for Phonexia.

Intel created the Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions Program with the aim of accelerating the worldwide adoption of IoT by empowering organizations with access to deployment-ready IoT solutions. These solutions are optimized for data-intensive workloads and designed for delivering extensive business insights as well as improving efficiency and productivity.

Phonexia underwent the Intel program’s complex certification process, during which many crucial criteria of Phonexia technologies were considered, including:

  • Scalability
  • Use of edge devices and hardware
  • Deployment readiness
  • Industry-specific business solutions

Today, we are happy to announce that Phonexia has met all the certification requirements and strict criteria and is now officially a certified partner of the Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions Program.

Even more, Phonexia is actually the first company in the Czech Republic ever to be certified as an Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions partner!

Phonexia is a certified Intel IoT Market Ready Solutions partner

What Does It Mean for the Future of Voice Recognition?

Through this important partnership, Phonexia will be able to utilize Intel processors even better, fine-tune speech recognition and voice biometrics technologies to run more efficiently on Intel hardware, and offer Phonexia customers and partners unparalleled performance and scalability in a big-data IoT environment.

This will allow a wide range of businesses and government institutions to uncover sophisticated insights from enormous amounts of audio data even more rapidly.

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