Top Forensic Conferences in 2024

Top Forensic Conferences in 2024

December 8, 2023

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In-depth analyses provided by forensic experts can often play a vital role in tipping the scales of justice in the right direction.

As everything evolves, forensic specialists, particularly, need to stay in touch with the latest forensic technology advancements, best practices, and trends.

Therefore, we have meticulously selected the finest forensic conferences of 2024 and arranged them chronologically to simplify your planning process for attending the conferences that intrigue you the most.

Forensic Research and Toxicology Conference

Discover the Innovative Skills and Safety Approach in Forensic Research and Toxicology

February 9-10, 2024
Singapore & Online

Join researchers and forensic experts from all around the world, and explore new collaboration and networking opportunities at the 6th international conference on forensic research and toxicology held in Singapore (and also online).

This exclusive conference delves into topics such as crime and law, digital forensics, cybersecurity, and the latest research, technology, and innovation in forensic science.

A great opportunity to discover worldwide developments in the forensic world.

Annual Conference of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences

Justice for All

February 19-24, 2024
Denver, USA

The Annual Conference of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) is one of the largest meetings of the forensic science community that, year after year, provides a professional environment for learning, collaboration, and networking.

Will you secure a spot at this major international conference covering all aspects of forensic science?

Forensic Science and Technology Conference

Futuristic Vision of Forensic Science

March 28-29, 2024
London, UK

This conference will focus on the core knowledge and significant advances in the rapidly emerging forensic fields shared by worldwide scholars and professionals.

If you are interested in digital forensics, computational forensics, forensic anthropology, and cybersecurity, be sure to set aside a couple of days to attend this extensive forensic conference.

NACDL’s 17th Annual Forensic Science Seminar

Big Names, Big Science, a Big-Time Experience

April 18-20, 2024
Paris, France

“Making Sense of Science” is the motto of this 17th Annual Forensic Science and Law Seminar organized by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Created in partnership with the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ), this three-day event offers an excellent opportunity for networking and meeting leading experts in their respective fields.

Techno Security and Digital Forensics Conference

Consistently Delivering a Unique Experience Like No Other

June 4-6, 2024
Wilmington, USA

The Techno Security and Digital Forensics Conference is one of the most premium gatherings of private sector and government attendees dedicated to the digital forensics and computer security industries.

From the comprehensive lineup of educational sessions to the innovative new products on the expo floor, you will be able to explore multiple facets of digital forensics.

Attend this 3-day conference to explore over 120 sessions and gain insights from the industry’s leading subject matter experts.

International Conference on CyberCrime and Computer Forensics

The Future of Geopolitical Security: The Cyber Connections

June 10-13, 2024
Adelaide, Australia

The 2024 International Conference on CyberCrime and Computer Forensics (ICCCF) is a flagship event of the Asia-Pacific Association of Technology and Society (APATAS).

This year, the conference finds its home in Australia, providing a unique opportunity for global experts and practitioners in the field of cybercrime and computer forensics to gather and exchange insights.

Will you join them?

Forensics Europe Expo

Forensic Investigation in Focus

June 19-20, 2024
London, UK

Forensics Europe Expo (FEE) is the market-leading exhibition and conference for forensic science and investigation in Europe.

The event serves as the primary meeting place for global forensic investigation solution providers and senior buyers seeking to create rewarding business partnerships, as well as an educational platform for new technologies and solutions.

Join industry peers to discover the latest products and services in the four key pillars of forensic investigation: digital forensics, laboratory equipment and solutions, scene of crime, and forensic analytics.

The IAI Forensic Educational Conference

The Annual International Forensic Educational Conference

August 11-17, 2024
Reno, USA

Organized by the International Association for Identification (IAI), this comprehensive conference is one of the largest events in the world for forensic and crime scene professionals, featuring a week packed with scientific, technical, and operational lectures, as well as hands-on workshops.

Topics include crime scene investigation and processing, photography, footwear and tire track, biometrics, and many other types of impression and identification evidence disciplines.

Take advantage of this 7-day event to stay in tune with professional standards, certification, and the latest issues related to forensic science and crime scene evidence.

Have Any of the Conferences Grabbed Your Attention?

Compiling the most premium forensic conferences for 2024 was quite a challenge, given their rarity. We hope this list will help you easily identify the most impactful forensic conferences and advance your expertise efficiently.

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