Phonexia Speech Technologies for Voicebots

Speech Technologies for Voicebots

Leverage Phonexia’s AI-powered speech technologies and build conversational voicebots for your automated systems and call centers.

Conversational Interfaces Are the Future

Speech is the most convenient way for interacting with others, and it is only a matter of time before every smart technology begins to use natural conversation as the main means for interacting with users. Leverage Phonexia’s cutting-edge speech recognition technology and extremely accurate, AI-powered voice biometrics engine today and deal with your clients with the conversational voicebots of tomorrow.

Phonexia provides a complete portfolio of speech recognition and voice authentication technologies that can meet any voicebot and conversational-interface scenarios. Using the latest advancements in phonetic, acoustic, and voice-biometric science and powered by state-of-the-art deep neural networks (DNN), these technologies can be used confidently to know what the speaker is saying and who that speaker is.

Know What Is Being Said

Respond to a speaker naturally in real-time by knowing what is being said through the combination of Speech to Text, Language Identification, and an NLP layer, ensuring your voicebot always understands the context and never misses the point.

Know Who Is Speaking

Recognize a speaker in seconds based on the unique characteristics of their voice with extremely accurate, AI-powered Deep Embeddings™ Speaker Identification and Gender Identification technology, and authorize the speaker’s requests seamlessly and securely.

Conversational Voicebots

Engage with customers through a naturally spoken, AI-driven conversation every time they interact with your virtual assistants or contact your call centers so they can just say what they need and get it solved immediately—whether it is registering for an upcoming event, changing their postal address, updating a delivery date, authentication, or any other request.

What People Are Saying

With its speech recognition technology, voice biometrics, advanced neural networks capabilities, high scalability, and rapid deployment, Phonexia helps organisations assure security and monetise the value of exceptional CX.

We have been selling Phonexia products in the Asian market for over 3 years now, and we can clearly say that Phonexia products are by far the best ones in the global market. We have encountered some local and global competitors, but we can easily push them off the table by showing how strong and affordable Phonexia products are. Phonexia’s strength comes from a mixture of dedicated genius engineers and down-to-earth, smart business experts who can draw big pictures.

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