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All Phonexia leaflets, brochures, case studies, and other content for download in one place.

Phonexia | Introduction Video
Phonexia Introduction Video
Watch our CEO introducing Phonexia and its innovative voice recognition technologies in 30+1 seconds.
Phonexia Speech Engine Brochure
Phonexia Speech Engine Brochure
Get a comprehensive overview of Phonexia speech recognition and voice biometric technologies for the commercial market.
Phonexia Orbis Fraud Detect Leaflet
Find out how to detect fraudsters and subscription fraud attempts in call centers automatically with Phonexia Orbis Fraud Detect.
Phonexia Voice Verify Leaflet
Phonexia Voice Verify Leaflet
Quickly discover how Phonexia Voice Verify can improve your contact center’s security and customer experience with password-free voice biometric verification that can verify a person in just 3 seconds.
Phonexia Voice Verify Introduction Video
Phonexia Voice Verify Video
In less than a minute, find out how Phonexia Voice Verify can conveniently secure access to your customers’ data with passwordless voice biometric verification and prevent phone fraud.
Phonexia | Home Credit Case Study
Home Credit Case Study
Learn how Home Credit streamlined its call center operators’ work and increased customer satisfaction through voice analytics powered by the Phonexia speech transcription technology.
innogy Case Study | Phonexia
innogy Case Study
Dive into the call center challenges that innogy solved with Phonexia’s innovative speech recognition technologies enabling automatic call topic detection, greater call center efficiency, and improved up-selling.
Phonexia | Comdata Case Study
Comdata Case Study
Explore how Comdata Group reduced its call center costs, increased customer service quality, and improved the agents’ efficiency by implementing Phonexia speech recognition technologies.
Phonexia | Multinational Consumer Bank Illustrative Case Study
Multinational Consumer Bank Illustrative Case Study
Discover how a multinational European bank can shorten the average authentication time over the phone with Phonexia Voice Verify and greatly improve customer experience and the average call handling time in the contact centers.
The Essential Guide to Implementing Voice Authentication in Call Centers
Understand the process behind the implementation of voice biometrics in call centers and expand your business with voice authentication easily.
8 Ways to Boost Your Call Center’s Efficiency with Speech Technologies - Phonexia Whitepaper
Call Center Analytics Whitepaper
Get an extensive look at multiple call center challenges and how innovative speech analytics is a key element behind the impressive customer experience delivered over the phone.
Phonexia Orbis Investigator Brochure
Find out about our revolutionary product Phonexia Orbis Investigator and how it enables law enforcement agencies with the fast and intuitive investigation of audio recordings.
Phonexia Voice Inspector Leaflet
Phonexia Voice Inspector Leaflet
Learn about Phonexia Voice Inspector, an out-of-the-box automatic forensic voice comparison solution for police forces and forensic experts.
Phonexia | The Unit for the Suppression of Organized Crime - Case Study
The Unit for the Suppression of Organized Crime Case Study
Tap into the challenges of a European Law Enforcement Agency in this anonymous case study and find out how the agency greatly improved its efficiency when tackling organized crime.