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Phonexia fully embraced the 4-day workweek and welcomed a new leadership duo: Markéta Lőrinczy as CEO and Zuzana Roznosova as Co-CEO. Phonexia also advanced its international relations by participating in business missions to Asia, led by Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala, and to Italy, led by Czech President Petr Pavel.
Radovan Musil joined Phonexia as CEO and introduced Phonexia to a scrum‑based development approach, fostering agility and rapid innovation within R&D teams. He also set the stage for a significant shift in Phonexia's work culture by greenlighting the transition to a 4‑day workweek from the beginning of 2023 to enhance work-life balance across the company.
Phonexia won the IBM Company of the Year 2021 Czech Republic award, and Phonexia's Speaker Identification was evaluated as the most accurate forensic voice comparison software. Additionally, Phonexia researchers won the Oriental Language Recognition Challenge and secured second place in the VoxCeleb Speaker Recognition Challenge.
Co-founders Lukáš Burget and Pavel Matějka were listed among the world's top 100 speech recognition scholars. Furthermore, Phonexia's R&D team significantly improved the accuracy of Speaker Identification, enabling voice identification after only 3 seconds of natural speech. Phonexia was also recognized as the Fair Employer of the Year.
Phonexia released the world's first production-ready Speaker Identification technology powered entirely by deep neural networks (Phonexia Deep Embeddings™). This fourth generation of Phonexia's Speaker Identification represented a significant milestone in the voice biometrics industry, doubling the accuracy of voice identification.
The change in business strategy yielded expected results, and Phonexia moved into brand-new offices in its own building. Michal Hrabí became CEO and oversaw the company's rebranding to a fresh new brand, while the arrival of Phonexia's first foreign employee transformed the company's internal communication language from Czech to English.
Michal Hrabí joined Phonexia, bringing a fresh perspective to the company's business strategy. This led to a change in Phonexia's mindset towards a business-first focus, resulting in the realignment of sales and marketing activities to actively seek ways to accelerate revenue growth and increase the number of satisfied customers and partners.
After seven years of steady revenue growth, Phonexia moved into larger offices and released the first version of its brand-new Speech Engine software. This release featured a REST API interface for easier integrations and innovative technologies for speaker identification, speech to text, language identification, and keyword spotting.
The Speech@FIT research group at Brno University of Technology received a request that was beyond the team's capacity. Unwilling to simply let it go, six researchers formed a company to develop the solution. Thus, Phonexia was born, its first customer was served, and close cooperation with the university, which continues to this day, was established.

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