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Voice Biometrics

Boost your security and enhance customer experience with Voice Biometrics, Phonexia’s effective solution for commercial and financial sectors, especially for banks, insurance companies, and call centers.

  • Main benefits

    • Enhance security measures

    • Avoid becoming a fraud victim

    • Protect your finances

  • Used technologies

    • Speaker Identification

    • Voice Activity Detection

    • Speech Quality Estimator

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Fraud Detection

Background verification of incoming calls, reporting and preventing fraudsters from getting to your system hidden behind multiple identities.

  • Main benefits

    • Prevent money loss

    • Create blacklists

    • Simplify and boost your security

    • Enact proactive anti-fraud measure

Speaker Verification

Automatic background verification of incoming calls, validation of the account owner’s identity.

  • Main Benefits

    • Improve customer experience

    • Accelerate customer check-in

    • Enhance your security