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Phonexia Voice Biometrics Platform

Voice Biometrics Platform

The human voice is as unique as a fingerprint, which is the reason why voice biometrics technology is used for speaker-identification purposes in various industries, ranging from banks’ call centers to crime investigation agencies, to identify speakers reliably based on their voice.

Identify Speakers by Their Voice with Extremely High Accuracy

Offer your clients a seamless and secure authentication experience by verifying them based on their voice instead of hard-to-remember passwords and security questions. Deep Embeddings™—the latest generation of Phonexia Voice Biometrics engine—is the world’s first commercially available speaker recognition technology powered exclusively by deep neural networks making language-independent speaker identification incredibly accurate and fast.

Phonexia Voice Biometrics is a state-of-the-art speaker recognition software capable of solving any challenge related to speaker identification, whether you need to search for a specific speaker in a large amount of audio recordings, recognize the currently speaking person, authenticate voice commands, identify a speaker among multiple speakers, authenticate a person over the phone, or provide a detailed forensic voice analysis.

By leveraging Deep Embeddings™—the world’s first commercially available voice biometrics engine powered by artificial intelligence—the latest generation of Phonexia Voice Biometrics is the most accurate speaker identification technology available on the market, providing lightning-fast recognition results leveraged by various industries demanding high performance and near real-time speaker verification capabilities.

Phonexia Voice Biometrics creates for each person a voiceprint, which is a mathematical representation of the speaker’s vocal tract. This ensures that the technology identifies the speaker regardless of the language they speak, the contents of the speech, and health conditions of the speaker.

Language Independency

Human voice properties are so unique that even when someone tries to speak in a different language or accent, Phonexia Voice Biometrics can recognize the speaker anyway.

Text Independency

There is no need to say a specific sentence or word to be successfully recognized by Phonexia Voice Biometrics as the engine identifies speakers automatically based on their natural speech.

Channel Independency

Whether the source of the voice comes from a phone call, YouTube video, or any other channel, Phonexia Voice Biometrics can always identify the speaker with high accuracy.

Gender Identification

By analyzing the particular acoustic characteristics of a person’s voice, Phonexia Voice Biometrics can estimate the gender of a speaker with high probability.

Age Estimation

Phonexia Voice Biometrics can also provide you with an estimation of the speaker’s age by tapping into additional characteristics of that person’s voice.

Fast Voice Enrolments

The latest generation of Phonexia Voice Biometrics can perform voice enrolments (the creation of a voiceprint—a digital representation of a person’s voice) in as few as 20 seconds and then verify the speaker instantly with a recording only a few seconds long.

Integration Possibilities

Voice Biometrics is part of Phonexia Speech Platform, which provides a complete portfolio of speech technologies, designed for easy integration. The platform allows the designing, integration, and deployment of a wide range of speech processing systems quickly and without extensive knowledge of speech technologies.

Phonexia Voice Biometrics supports integrations via a REST API and command-line interfaces, running on Windows 64-bit or Linux 64-bit operating systems.

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