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Phonexia Voicebot Suite - Voicebot Solution

Phonexia Voicebot Suite

Allow customers to interact with automated systems naturally through speech. Create conversational, AI-powered voicebot interfaces with Phonexia’s cutting-edge voicebot-building solution.

Build Impressive Voicebots with an Easy-to-integrate Solution

Whether you need to create a voicebot for a call center or build an entirely custom one, Phonexia Voicebot Suite has got you covered. Its cutting-edge, AI-powered speech to text, text to speech, and voice authentication features, combined with seamless support for third-party integrations of natural language processing (NLP) layers, enable you to build almost any type of voicebot.

While chatbots interact with people via text messages, voicebots communicate naturally through speech. This is the reason why voicebots are much more complex to create as there is a huge variety of technologies that need to be combined perfectly for a sophisticated voicebot to be born.

Therefore, Phonexia Voicebot Suite places extensive focus on voicebot-designing flexibility and seamless integration with Phonexia voice recognition technologies and other third-party services to allow the quick and efficient creation of advanced voicebots.

It is an easy-to-integrate voicebot platform functioning as a central hub that interconnects all the necessary AI, speech to text, text to speech, and voice biometrics technologies so that voicebots of any complexity can be created and managed from one place and integrated into PBX phone systems with ease.

Speech to Text

Every voicebot created in Phonexia Voicebot Suite has native access to Phonexia’s advanced speech recognition technology to ensure that real-time decisions are performed based on the best speech transcription data.

Voice Biometrics

Phonexia Voicebot Suite leverages Phonexia’s state-of-the-art voice biometrics engine, powered entirely by artificial intelligence, to recognize a person’s voice in seconds with extremely high accuracy.

Text to Speech

Phonexia Voicebot Suite comes with out-of-the-box text to speech (TTS) functionality allowing voicebots to communicate with users naturally through synthesized speech.

Third-party Connectors

Seamlessly connect voicebots to any third-party natural language processing (NLP) services, such as IBM Watson, and always use the latest AI-based decision-making algorithms available on the market. You can also connect Phonexia Voicebot Suite to other speech to text and text to speech services as necessary.

Integration Possibilities

Phonexia Voicebot Suite is provided as a complete solution with a REST API interface that can be easily deployed on-premise (Windows 64-bit/Linux 64-bit) or in the cloud.

Used Technologies

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