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Phonexia Voicebot Suite - The Vociebot-building Solution

Phonexia Voicebot Suite

Automate your call center’s inbound and outbound calls with innovative voicebots.

The Ultimate Solution for Rapid Voicebot Development

Phonexia Voicebot Suite is an innovative voicebot-building package that enables fast development of bespoke, sophisticated voicebots for call centers. It provides developers with seamless access to speech, voice, and intent recognition technologies, as well as connectors to telephony and third-party systems.

Whether your business needs to automate inbound or outbound calls, Phonexia Voicebot Suite has you covered. With its focus on flexible and efficient voicebot designing, businesses can create conversational AI interfaces with ease.

Phonexia Voicebot Suite is the place where the synergy of speech to text (STT), text to speech (TTS), and natural language processing (NLP) technologies is fully utilized and ready to be connected to PBX telephony and other third-party systems.

Key Capabilities

Speech Recognition

Voicebots created in Phonexia Voicebot Suite make real-time decisions based on Phonexia’s cutting-edge STT technology, which provides highly accurate speech transcriptions of Czech, Slovak, and Polish.

Intent Recognition

Understanding the intent of a conversation is a necessary part of every voicebot solution, which is the reason why Phonexia Voicebot Suite makes it easy to leverage a market-leading NLP technology seamlessly.

Synthesized Speech

Phonexia Voicebot Suite provides out-of-the-box text-to-speech functionality that, depending on the use case, allows voicebots to communicate with callers naturally via synthesized speech or pre-recorded answers.

Third-party Connectivity

Voicebots need to interact with a wide range of systems. Phonexia Voicebot Suite enables this with native connectivity to PBX telephony as well as other third-party NLP and TTS technologies.

Use Cases

Conversational IVRs

Turn your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) into a modern, self-service conversational IVR, so your customers can resolve most of their routine issues promptly on their own through a natural, human-like conversation.

Field Service Management

Enhance your phone lines with voicebots and make it a breeze for your employees in the field to supply their field data over the phone by simply dictating the raw info, and the voicebot will polish and pre-fill the rest.


Automate reminders, confirmations, renewals, and other types of follow-up calls with naturally interacting, customer-friendly voicebots so your call center operators can spend their precious time on more important calls.


Perform scalable and perfectly-timed surveys over the phone without the need to allocate a large number of your call center’s workforce and receive even more trustworthy answers as people tend to be more honest with voicebots.

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