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Speech Technologies for Call Centers

Personalize your calls and campaign messaging in real time. With the combination of seamless speaker authentication and instant dialog analysis, your agents can respond to customers with offers that are hard to resist.

Get Ahead of Your Competition with Speech Technologies

The state-of-the-art Speech Analytics and Voice Biometrics technologies are leading the way toward the more efficient future of communication. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, these technologies provide your business with the unmatched capability to analyze, segment, and respond to any call automatically with laser-like precision. Don’t be left behind!

Phonexia Speech Analytics lets you analyze all conversations in real time, and automatically check your agents’ script compliance including the key conversation parameters such as silent spots, monolog versus dialog, and agents’ reaction times. Your supervisors can fully focus on your agents’ improvements so that your customers can enjoy the best customer experience. At the same time, you can use Phonexia Voice Biometrics technology to recognize clients instantly and accurately based on their voice and provide them with a truly impressive experience.

Content Analysis

All your calls are transcribed using a combination of Speech Transcription and Keyword Spotting technology. This allows you to search for specific words and phrases quickly, without the need to listen to audio recordings, and report immediately.

Demographic Information

Get a clear demographic picture of your call center traffic. With Age Estimator, Gender Identification, Language, and Dialect Identification technology, you can automatically segment every one of your clients and optimize your campaigns for perfect targeting.

Script Alignment

Analyze and keep track of the quality of your agents’ script alignment. Detect and gather all important information from any call’s content so that you can increase your agents’ performance, eliminate invalid calls, and automatically classify the calls.

Voice Authentication

Identify callers by their voice with Phonexia’s Voice Biometrics solution and offer them a top-class experience with a significantly reduced number of security questions. Automatically detect identity frauds when someone claims to be a specific person but their voice doesn’t match.

innogy Case Study

innogy is one of the five largest energy companies in Europe. On the Czech market, it is a leader among gas suppliers for households and companies and a major player in the electricity market. In the Czech Republic, innogy manages 41 customer care centers. Overall, more than 1.7 million customer interactions a year have been made by contact centers.

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Comdata Case Study

Comdata Group is an international company that manages commercial call centers around the globe and has been defining trends in outsourcing and customer care for the last 20 years. It employs more than 50,000 professionals worldwide and has a total of nine service centers and 1,200 employees in the Czech Republic. Comdata Group provides its call center services to many customers working in the banking and insurance sector, for telephone operators, and many others.

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What People Are Saying

Thanks to the use of speech technologies, we have opened the door to a very advanced analysis of all ongoing calls. It allows us to improve our business significantly and respond more quickly to customer requirements. Last but not least, it is an interesting competitive advantage

Martin Kristof

Operations and Technical Development Manager innogy

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