Voice Verification for Financial Services

Speech Technologies for Finance Industry

Provide your clients with impressive customer experiences by recognizing and authenticating them seamlessly based on their voice. Automatically detect fraudulent callers who pretend to be someone else and categorize calls instantly based on the keywords appearing in speech.

The Voice-driven Security and Convenience Your Customers Want

Clients are continuously raising their standards and trying to find the sweet spot between security measures and ease of access, and clients’ personalized experiences can be a very challenging task. By using AI-powered voice biometrics and speech analytics technologies, however, your business can recognize and authorize clients instantly and deliver such experiences seamlessly.

Phonexia Voice Biometrics

Phonexia Voice Biometrics is the best voice recognition solution currently available on the market, offering more than 99% accuracy. The high accuracy and speed are achieved through leveraging Phonexia Deep Embeddings™—the state-of-the-art speaker recognition engine powered exclusively by deep neural networks—so that you can authorize clients in seconds, protect yourself from fraudulent calls, and deliver a truly personalized experience.

Client Authentication

Stop frustrating your clients with hard-to-remember security questions that do not necessarily prove their identity as they can be easily misused. Instead, go beyond passwords and increase security by authenticating clients using their unique voice. With Phonexia Voice Biometrics, you only need a couple of seconds of natural speech to reliably say whether a caller is your client or not.

Fraud Prevention

Regardless of the financial institution—whether you are a loan provider, insurance company, or bank—you have to deal with fraudulent callers. Protect yourself from fraud with Phonexia Voice Biometrics by comparing callers’ voices automatically in the background and instantly detect fraudsters who claim to be another person. Add their voiceprints to a blacklist and recognize them immediately the moment they call you again.

Phonexia Speech Analytics

While Phonexia Voice Biometrics is used to identify a speaker, Phonexia Speech Analytics is designed to provide you with necessary speech insights so you can uncover the context hidden in every call, spot the keywords of your interest, and respond to clients with personalized offers that are hard to resist.

Call Categorization

Categorize calls automatically with Phonexia Speech Analytics based on language, gender, keywords appearing in the speech, and any other set of criteria that is important for you. Eliminate the reliance on the subjective opinions of your agents categorizing the calls and achieve much more accurate categorization results.

Full Context

Tap into the context hidden in your calls. Analyze the vast amounts of calls automatically with Phonexia Speech Analytics based on various criteria and discover the insights and emerging trends that would otherwise stay buried in the calls. Gather the inputs necessary for your upcoming campaigns and leverage the uncovered context to make better data-driven decisions

Effective Upselling

With Phonexia Speech Analytics running automatically in the background, your agents can receive real-time notifications on their screens about the best suitable offer for the client based on spoken keywords, phrases, and other properties of the call so that you can treat your clients with truly a personalized experience.

Home Credit Case Study

Discover how Home Credit leveraged Phonexia speech technologies to offer customers an excellent contact center experience and significantly improved the productivity and motivation of its call center operators.

Read the Case Study

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